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2021… A year of immense potential is upon us… Perhaps greater than ever.

By Samir Di Johansson We´re witnessing a new form of light, hosted mainly by a large group of female warriors who have emerged with truth and beautiful, powerful voices, grounded in a strong, steadfast intuition. What is coming might be bigger and more beautiful than both you and I could ever imagine. Humanity has unearthed…

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Infinite Scholars Program Responds: Does Black Education Matter? by Laura Dorsey, ISP SE Regional Vice President/Board Member

You have read and heard all of the headlines.  Asthma, hypertension, diabetes, and heart diseases are risk factors for COVID-19 fatality in the minority community. This community is contracting and dying from the novel coronavirus at rates that double and triple those of other races. Some of the explanations for the disparities include financial and…

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